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Work accidents happen, no matter the industry or occupation. Virtually any type of employee, from a miner to an administrative assistant, may be at risk of being injured in an accident of some kind. It is important for every worker to understand his or her right to financial compensation and medical treatment under the California workers’ compensation system. At Pacific Attorney Group, we are prepared to offer the level of insight and representation injured workers need to seek maximum compensation.

In addition to recovering workers’ comp benefits for lost earnings and medical care, an employee injured in a workplace accident may be entitled to monetary damages paid by a third party. This may be an individual or company (other than the worker’s employer or a co-worker) that is partially or wholly to blame for the accident. With a workers’ compensation lawyer from our firm by your side, you can trust that we will look to every possible source of compensation in your case.

About Workplace Accidents

You can find out more about the types of workplace accidents, their causes and a worker’s right to compensation by reviewing the information included in this portion of our website. Read the brief descriptions below or click on any subject to learn more.

Construction Accidents
Accidents in the construction industry are one of the leading causes of worker injuries and fatalities in the United States. Our team handles construction accident claims involving ladder accidents, scaffolding falls, falling objects, electrocution and more. Our experience with these difficult claims can help the injured recover the money they need.

Workers in various fields may have to work directly with or in close proximity to electrical equipment, wiring or systems. In these cases, the utmost care must be taken to prevent contact between a worker and a live electric line. Our firm represents injured workers and the families of workers who have been electrocuted on the job.

An explosion is one of the most serious types of workplace accidents. It can cause catastrophic injuries and can also affect a large number of workers at once. When workplace explosions occur, it is important to seek counsel from a firm with the resources to fully investigate its cause and identify any third parties that could be liable.

Falling Objects
Whether working at a construction site or in a retail store, an employee may be at risk of being struck by a falling object. This can cause serious injuries, including head trauma or traumatic brain injuries, depending on the size and weight of the object and the distance it fell. You can learn more about these accidents and your rights by calling a lawyer at our firm.

Machinery Defects
Heavy machinery, tools and other equipment enable us to get the job done faster and better than ever before. If these machines are not properly designed, built, inspected and maintained, however, they may malfunction and cause serious injuries or deaths. We can look to workers’ compensation benefits and possibly product liability lawsuits.

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After a work accident, some employees are surprised to find that their employer delays their workers’ compensation claim or that the insurance company tries to dispute its validity. When a claim is undervalued, delayed or denied, a workers’ compensation lawyer can take the necessary steps to request a hearing or file an appeal to seek a positive result. Sometimes it only takes a certain amount of pressure to get an insurer or employer to act in a fair and reasonable manner. To find out more about our services and your options if you were injured, contact our firm.

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