Nursing Home Abuse and Malnutrition

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The symptoms that can be warning signs for the existence of nursing home abuse are countless. In some cases, nursing home abuse results in physical violence which leaves very visible and noticeable signs, such as bruises, lacerations and welts. In other cases, however, the act is passive instead of aggressive. This can lead to less noticeable symptoms, however, they are no less serious. For example, should a patient at a nursing home abuse be neglected and not given the necessary amount of nutrients the results can be catastrophic.

Malnutrition refers to the medical condition of the human body when it does not have the necessary amount of nutrients to perform. In some instances, a person may be receiving enough food, but could be receiving low-quality food that is low in nutritional value. In other cases, they could be receiving the amount that they need but could be suffering from a medical condition that keeps them from digesting it as necessary – if neglected, the staff might not recognizes these signs and could leave it undiagnosed.

Malnutrition: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

The symptoms of malnutrition are varied and will largely depend on the cause of the malnutrition in the first place. Some of the most common symptoms, however, include rapid weight loss, lethargy and dizziness (especially when one stands up too fast). Beyond this, symptoms can include everything from bleeding gums to aggravated osteoporosis, sluggish reaction time, organ failures, swollen abdomen and dry skin could all be warning signs that malnutrition is occurring.

In most cases, a doctor will be able to diagnose malnutrition through a serious of simple tests and workouts. This could involve blood work. Thankfully, malnutrition typically has a positive outlook and should it be caught quick enough. By treating the symptoms of the condition, supplementing the previously lacking diet with the missing nutrients and by helping correct any other medical conditions, a person who is found suffering from malnutrition may be able to return to full health once more.

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