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Nursing home abuse and neglect are unfortunately a relatively common occurrence throughout the United States. In fact, it is estimated that one in three nursing homes is affected by some form of elder abuse or neglect. This may include physical abuse as well as sexual abuse, emotional abuse, or even financial abuse. In these cases, the victim and/or family of the victim may be able to take legal action against the caregiver or facility responsible for causing harm.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Nursing home abuse and neglect may stem from understaffed and overcrowded facilities as well as from negligence in hiring and training personnel. Budgetary concerns may cause a nursing home to cut corners in regard to hygiene, medical care, medicine, and nutrition. Our law firm handles all types of Los Angeles nursing home abuse claims and lawsuits, including those involving intentional wrongdoing as well as negligence.

Following are some of the types of cases we can handle in this regard:

Physical Abuse
One of the most common forms of abuse experienced by the elderly is physical. This can result in bruises, lacerations and other forms of injuries. If your loved one is experiencing assaults while staying at a nursing home or if you have reason to believe they are being victimized, act immediately.

Sexual Abuse
Another form of abuse that is experienced in nursing home facilities is sexual abuse. In many cases, this may occur from an abuse of a position of power, from patients being overmedicated and unable to protect themselves or those who are suffering from mental issues rendering them unable to consent.

Emotional Abuse
Not all abuse needs to be physical. In fact, some of the worst damage can come from staff at nursing home facilities emotionally abusing patients. This can come from yelling, belittling or even ignoring them entirely. This can leave the victims withdrawn, anxious and fearful.

Financial Abuse
A final form of abuse suffered from patients at nursing homes is the abuse of finances. When put in charge of accounts, caretakers may embezzle funds, skimming a personal profit off the top or making financial decisions that benefit them but do not benefit the actual owner of the money.

When a person is left to lay in bed for too long, it can cause pressure on joint that are not designed to sustain that type of constant contact. If they are not moved over regularly and looked after, bedsores can develop on these areas; these are also referred to as pressure ulcers and are painful and vulnerable to infection.

Improper Hygiene
Proper cleanliness is vital to the health of residents of nursing home facilities. Should the staff fail to keep them clean or fail to clean the environment around them, it can result in serious illness and even death caused by exposure to viruses and bacteria.

Without the proper amount of water, elderly people in nursing homes can quickly become dehydrated. Common symptoms for this can include dry mouth, cramps, upset stomach and lightheadedness. If not caught quickly, it can result in organ failure, coma and even death.

Whereas some facilities may fail to medicate their patients entirely, others may purposefully give too large of a dosage. This may be to keep patients complacent and leave them dosed up and numb. When like this, the staff may have an easier time controlling them by seriously jeopardizing their health and well-being.

If not fed enough or if fed cheap food that is thin in nutrients, staff can leave patients malnourished. Warning signs for this include bleeding gums, osteoporosis, organ failure and a swollen abdomen. If not treated, it can cause the body to systematically shut down and can eventually lead to death.

Wrongful Death
If a patient has been abused or neglected, it can cause serious and even fatal injuries. If you have lost a loved one to nursing home abuse, it is important to remember that you have grounds to file a claim. Get the involvement of our firm and we will stand up to fight for justice on behalf of you and your family.

No matter the symptoms that your loved one is exhibiting, the type of abuse that they have been victimized by or the circumstances of their case, it is extremely important that no time is wasted in getting the involvement of a knowledgeable attorney. At our firm, we know just how much is on the line with these types of cases. By filing a claim, not only are we helping you recover just compensation, but we take a step toward stopping this type of abuse happening to another.

Taking Legal Action Against Los Angeles Nursing Homes

In filing a civil suit for nursing home abuse or neglect, the victim can seek justice while working to recover financial compensation for medical care as well as other damages. At Pacific Attorney Group, we have over 35 years of legal experience to use as we build a compelling case on your behalf. Our attorneys believe that nursing home abuse should be stopped, and we work to do so, one client at a time. For this reason if you see signs of abuse or signs of neglect, do not hesitate to contact a Los Angeles nursing home abuse lawyer at our firm. We are here to help.

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