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Having to undergo a surgery for hip replacement is not easy. It is, in fact, painful, difficult and stressful. Typically, however, these negative aspects of the surgery are outweighed by the benefits that the surgery provides. After the surgery, patients expect to gain mobility once more and can move forward in their life into a brighter future. What happens, then, when the system used in the surgery is a defective product? Unfortunately, patients throughout the nation who underwent a surgery using a DePuy hip implant are forced to deal with this question.

Understanding the DePuy Hip Implant Recall

DePuy Orthopaedic recalled their hip implant system late in 2010. This, however, was not before over 90,000 patients underwent a surgery in which they were implanted with the device. Since the initial surgeries, it has become apparent that there have been complications with the surgeries – namely, the system has was resulting in loosening and malalignment of the components, dislocation, fractures to the bone, swelling and damage to the surrounding muscles, tissues and nerves.

For this reason, many patients who have undergone this surgery are now required to have a second surgery referred to as a “revision” to fix a surgery that was used in an attempt to heal. This, however, is not always enough as the devise has also been known to leave behind fragments that can later cause medical issues.

Even patients who have not noticed immediate damage are encouraged to contact an experienced lawyer as the system has been proven to leak cobalt and chromium, which can gradually can causes issues which will only become apparent later down the line. These materials have been shown to eat away at the bone and can cause remarkably amounts of damage.

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