Understanding Brain Damage

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Brain damage may be related to a number of different accidents or other incidents that relate to personal injury. Medical malpractice, a motor vehicle accident, or even an attack may all cause serious brain injury that results in the victim facing a diminished quality of life and extensive medical costs. Our Los Angeles brain damage attorney at Pacific Attorney Group can offer you the legal counsel you deserve in these situations, allowing you the valuable opportunity to take legal action against whatever person or company may be responsible for your injuries.

Our firm may be able to help if you have a claim involving the following:

Acquired Brain Injury
In most cases, an injury to the brain will occur after birth. This can be anything from a concussion gained in a car crash to an injury sustained from a stroke. Acquired brain injuries are traumatic and can forever alter the life of the victim and is therefore crucial for the victim to seek just and sizeable compensation.

Congenital Brain Injury
Should the pregnancy or birthing process not go as planned, the child can sustain what is known as a congenital brain injury. This can be anything from exposure to toxins, genetic defects or lack of oxygen (which can be caused by thinks like the umbilical cord around the neck) and can be caused by medical malpractice.

Closed Head Injury
When an injury is caused that does not pierce the skull, it is known as a closed head injury. This normally occurs from a blunt blow to the head, such as the trauma that can happen during a car crash or during an assault. This can lead to bleeding, bruising and swelling of the brain.

Open Head Injury
One of the most severe forms of brain damage occurs when an object actually pierces through the skull. The open wound that results from this type of injury is severe and can cause ongoing pain and suffering for the victim. Bleeding out and infections are a very real reality for these types of injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injury
When trauma occurs to the head, often the victim will suffer from what is known as a traumatic brain injury (TBI), such as a diffuse axonal injury. Symptoms for this include lack of consciousness, dizziness, lethargy and victims can even fall into a vegetative state. Currently there are no treatments to reverse the damage.

If you have suffered from any of the above types of brain damage, then we encourage you to pick up the phone and get the involvement of a member of our firm. During a free case review, you can learn more about your unique case and whether you may be able to take action. You can also find out exactly what an attorney can do to help you.

Brain Damage and Personal Injury Claims in California

Brain damage may be related to personal injury claims, when the injury suffered is to the brain or head. A person’s negligence in any way may lead to brain damage, including in situations where a person may cause an accident that results in physical trauma to the head, as well as situations where a doctor incorrectly diagnoses or treats a brain injury, or where medical malpractice leads to a birth injury that causes brain damage. In any of these situations, the victim or victim’s family may be able to take legal action against the person who caused the accident or the medical professional who overlooked a critical medical condition and failed to provide proper treatment.

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