Acquired Brain Injury

Understanding Acquired Brain Injuries and Your Legal Rights

An acquired brain injury is defined as an injury to the brain that is sustained after birth. There may be many different causes of acquired brain injuries, including physical trauma from an attack, slip and fall accident or auto accident, as well as non-traumatic injury resulting from a stroke, drowning, brain tumor, poisoning, infection, lack of oxygen to the brain, or substance abuse. Depending on the severity of the injury and degree of brain damage, a person who has sustained an acquired brain injury may suffer from number of serious side effects, affecting every single part of his or her life.

Has a loved one suffered brain injury in an accident of any kind or as a result of negligence? The brain injury attorney at Pacific Attorney Group handle all types of personal injury claims involving acquired brain injuries, including open head and closed head injury as well as traumatic brain injuries. An experienced brain injury attorney at our firm may be able to help you whether your case involves a relatively minor injury such as a concussion, all the way to a wrongful death claim.

California Brain Injury Attorney

Depending on the unique situation, an acquired brain injury may have resulted from negligence or malpractice on the part of another person. In these cases, the victim or family of the victim has the legal right to take action against the responsible party in order to seek financial damages for medical care, lost wages and other losses. This may go a long way in helping a brain injury victim rebuild and recover. With over three decades of legal experience to apply to your case, as well as a complete dedication to helping our clients face brighter futures, we can offer you the help you deserve.

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