Suffering injuries from a car crash can be caused by various reasons. Different causes of vehicle accidents warrant a diverse range of claims. The legal experts at Mr. Car Accident Lawyer in Anaheim works with all California accident victims.

Common Accident Claims

Let’s review some of the most common types of accident cases handled by our experienced California legal team:

  1. Negligence

Most car crashes are a result of some form of negligence. This means that the driver did not have certain level of care such as:

  • Driving over the speed limit.
  • Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Reckless or distracted driving.
  • Using cell phone or other devices behind the wheel.
  • Hit and run injuries.
  • Road rage and aggressive driving.

Your auto accident lawyer will conduct an extensive investigation to uncover liability and determine the cause of the accident. Evidence will be collected and organized to support the claim.


When you hire us, you’re adding unmatched experience to your team, ensuring you get the best possible outcome.


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  1. Defective Vehicles

In many cases, it is the vehicle’s manufacturer that is at fault of the crash. Defective car parts such as seat belts, brakes, airbags, or even turning signals. If the vehicle was designed or manufactured below industry standards, the car maker will be held responsible for damages.

These types of cases require major investigative work with strong evidence and expert testimony. Our defective products lawyers have built successful cases that compensated victims for their suffering.

  1. Poor Road Design

There are cases where the road design caused the crash. This can include missing signs, potholes, failed traffic signals, or a construction hazard. If you suffered injuries on a road with these conditions, you may file a claim against the entity that was responsible for the failed condition.

  1. Wrongful Death

Loosing a loved one can be the most devastating injury after an accident. Wrongful death lawyers may be able to obtain compensation for all losses and damages suffered from a loved one’s death. This includes funeral expenses, lost wages, lack of companionship, emotional injuries, and more.

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